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A City of London Walk

A walking tour in the Square Mile with Barry Carter, a fully qualified CLGLA tour guide.

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About your City of London Tour Guide…

I am a true Cockney, born and bred in the heart of London's East End. I developed a passion for the City of London while spending some time working there.

If only the fire of 1666 and the bombings of World War II had not destroyed so much of it. I would have loved to walk those dingy narrow streets, although I doubt I would have enjoyed the filth and disease that went with them!

I walked the streets of today's City with a pocket camera while building my first web site. It contains a large section about the City of London. You can find it here: This was back in 2002. Since then the site has grown and is now very popular all over the world.

I attended the City of London guiding course at City University to increase my knowledge of the City and successfully completed all examinations. I am now the proud owner of the City of London Guide Lecturers Association (CLGLA) certificate and official badge.

I aim to impart only the most relevant information in a relaxed manner while attempting to bring a bit of humour into your tour when appropriate.

As well as exploring the main City sights and well known routes I will take you to places often missed by tourists. My City Highlights walk covers a mixture of the City’s diverse buildings, streets and history. The route may vary from time to time due to the vast amount of building work going on at the present time, and access to certain areas may be restricted. I will make alternative arrangements if this is the case.

Highlights tour